the maker's table

The Maker's Table is an integral part of a larger thesis project, in which a wood and metal shop serves local fabricators who mentor apprentices transitioning out of homelessness and unemployment. The fabricators gain skilled labor over time and the apprentices gain job training and security. (Full "Shop Wall" project with further detail to come soon.)

The Maker's Table is the hypothetical first self-designed project for the apprentices. It is their work table, their starting point that will tell some of their past and will be modified as they grow and gain more skills. This version of the Maker's Table was built by and for Aly Rodgers during the thesis project; it holds a water-color basin, a t-square for drafting, multiple rungs for small clamps and tools, a hidden sketchbook shelf, and most-prominently a hard rock maple butcher-block top. All of these elements support her work and hint at key parts of her design tendencies.