Can I wash my Board or Block? 

Yes, please do! But also keep in mind that these boards are not meant to be left soaking in water or other liquids, should never go in the dishwasher, and will last longer if they are rinsed well and promptly dried.

How often should I condition my Board or Block?

All board and blocks come conditioned with butcher-block oil and are initially protected. Over time and with use, this protective finish will wear away. ARO suggests conditioning your board/block once a month if used frequently, or once every few months if used occasionally. Many hardware stores carry butcher-block oil or cutting-board conditioner: mineral oil or a beeswax/oil combination are ideal.

Can I use olive oil or another food-oil on my Board or Block?

No. Eventually this oil - while food safe - will go rancid within the board/block. Don't want your food to taste bad or your board/block to smell bad.

What if I like one design but want different materials?

Send me a message! ARO is open to different versions of what you see here, as well as ideas about new things you don't see here...yet.

What if an item arrives damaged?

Note that all ARO products are hand-made, and inherently have at least slight differences from one to the next. These discrepancies aren't considered damage. They are part of what make the pieces unique. That said, if something arrives truly damaged, please send a message to ARO right away so we can figure out the best solution for the circumstance.