ARO is a growing collection of beautiful and meaningful projects. These projects range from functionally driven pieces to abstract painting and sculpture, all of which have a particular story to tell. Each piece is meant to give time a tactile canvas on which to show its presence and passing.

Aly Rodgers is a designer and fabricator at heart and is continually adding to her library of skills to express that. She allows her architecture background and desire to learn the limits of various materials to influence her work. She has an affinity for finding a design solution for what is often cast aside; There are rarely scraps or cut-offs that go unused. Whether through iterative processes or specific requests from a client, whether brand new walnut or discarded metal shavings, the furniture and art that result have a small story of their own that will only evolve through their use and appreciation. 

Aly received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and is now based in the San Francisco Bay area.